What is Emotional Intellignce?

By quantifying and measuring the skills above, the TTI Emotional Quotient is able to accurately identify a person’s overall Emotional Intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence came into the spotlight when Daniel Goleman published his seminal work “Emotional Intelligence, Why It Can Matter More Than IQ” in 1995. Many researchers, training and development professionals have worked with the concepts and built tools and resources to help people better understand the EQ concepts.

Research over the last 20 years has shown that individuals who have developed their Emotional Intelligence are between 40 -122% more effective, especially in roles that require influencing and guiding other’s choices (such as leaders, sales and customer service). It has been said that the EQ (or understanding of Emotional Intelligence) will trump having a high IQ due to the power of Emotional Intelligence to assist in collaboration and productivity.


The Emotional Quotient provides simple, systematic and accurate feedback for developing one’s emotional intelligence. With an increase in EQ, individuals and teams will enjoy a significant improvement in their personal and professional relationships, as well as more rewarding interactions with others.


EQ Certification

Who is it for?

Internal Professionals:
Human Resources
Organizational Development
Learning and Development

External Professionals:
Coaches & Consultants

(1) Full Day broken into:
(4) Live webinars (90 minutes each) = 6 hours
Training is scheduled over 1 months’ time


Total Investment: $1,800*
*includes exam and all training materials

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Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding of the 5 Core dimensions of the EQ model and confidence in applying it to your business

  • How to interpret and apply the Emotional Quotient results

  • Application of emotional enablers and disablers

  • Using your EQ report to enhance communication and understanding of individuals & teams

  • The history ‐ how EQ came to be

  • How to analyze the combination of Behaviors and Motivators with Emotional Intelligence

  • EQ in a work context, but easily applied to your personal life

  • Interpreting your graph and other’s graphs

  • Activities tailored to help develop and grow the five key capabilities – Empathy, Social Skills, Self-Awareness, Self-Regulation and Motivation.

Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

Course Overview

  • The EQ Debrief Guide

  • Personalized 11 page EQ Profile

  • Access to the eLearning website

  • Certified Emotional Quotient Facilitator (CEQF) designation

  • Certification also requires the successful completion of an online, open book exam taken at your
    convenience. The exam will test your knowledge of the EQ theory and the application of your knowledge based on TTI’s EQ assessment.

  • Ongoing advice and support  through our EQ Tips Series

  • Resources including books & articles

  • Recordings of all sessions

  • The complimentary private session will build your confidence, allow you to practice, and help you integrate EQ into your toolkit and clarify your questions.


EQ Class Attendee >

woman 2

“The best part about Jennifer’s course was learning more about myself. All leaders who lead people should take this course. Self-awareness is the best awareness. It starts with you. When you learn and see for yourself the benefits of having a high EQ, then you will want that for others.”

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