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The Learning Management System (LMS) Library

The LMS Library is repository of 39 modules of easy-to-understand content, including video and quizzes, to provide a complete understanding of DISC, 12 Driving Forces® (workplace Motivators) and Emotional Quotient. The average module video is about 6 minutes in length with a brief knowledge check in at the end of each. The intention of LMS is to teach you everything you need to know to become familiar with and fully understand the talent assessment sciences.


The Benefits of the LMS Library

  • 24/7 access to short, easy-to-understand learning modules

  • Springboard for improving employee interaction and engagement

  • Interactive training module that encourages retention of information

  • The simplicity of one platform for training and certification

  • The modules are self-paced and once they are sequentially completed, you may review any module in any order

  • Teaches valuable workplace concepts such as how to reduce conflict, improve communication and best leadership practices

Robert Wood

Manufacturing Executive>


“The EQ is also a very good tool to
use in concert with a 360 feedback
survey. The EQ shows us what’s
under the hood.”

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