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What are Motivators?

By using the Motivators assessment, people can tap into a more profound realization of who they are. They will gain powerful insight into why they move into action and what motivates them to achieve.

Eduard Spranger developed the theory behind the Motivators instrument. In his work, Spranger observed that people could view the world and their interactions within it through six different "value lenses." Depending on which of these "lenses" was most influential, we could determine a person's core motivators or drivers.

This foundation training & certification program translates to all aspects of business and personal life. This program can assist novice to seasoned professionals in the application of Motivators in selection, development, communication, and sales.


The Motivators are a powerful tool that allows you to understand the things that motivate and drive others to action. When talking to, interacting with, or observing others, you can pick up clues as to their values and motivators. Communication significantly improves when you can recognize and adjust your message and method of communication to suit the other person.


Motivator Certification

Who is it for?

Internal Professionals:

Human Resources
Organizational Development
Learning and Development

External Professionals:
Coaches & Consultants

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Duration: (1) month = 4 weeks

Dates: Contact Us - Classes are forming now!

Total Investment: See below for levels*
*includes exam and all training materials





  • E-Course - All Program Materials

  • Personal Assessment




  • E-Course - All Program Materials

  • Personal Assessment

  • Member Site Access

  • Interpretation Videos

  • Bonus Materials




  • E-Course - All Program Materials

  • Personal Assessment

  • Member Site Access

  • Interpretation Videos

  • Bonus Materials

  • Weekly Live Q&A Calls

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding of the Motivators model and confidence in applying it to your business

  • Using your Motivators assessment to enhance communication and knowledge of individuals & teams

  • The History ‐ how Motivators came to be

  • The 7 Core Motivators – how each value presents in the world

  • Identifying the impact of your drivers and motivations on other Motivators in a work context, but easily applied to your personal life

  • Interpreting your graph and the graphs of others

  • Understanding & applying the wheel to a team dynamic

Course Overview

  • The Motivators Debrief Guide

  • Personalized Motivators Profile with customized video debrief

  • Access to the Motivators video library for pre-exam study

  • Certified Motivators Practitioner (CMP) designation

  • Certification also requires the successful completion of an online, open-book exam taken at your convenience. The exam will test your knowledge of the Motivators theory and the application of your knowledge based on Motivators assessment.

  • Member site access for Levels 2 and 3

  • Bonus Materials for Levels 2 and 3

  • Recordings of all sessions for Levels 2 and 3

  • Live Q&A Calls for Level 3

  • Spectrum Certification Exam

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