Certification Title: Emotional Intelligence

Facilitated Online
Our online DISC Certification training program is delivered through a series of facilitated webinars.


(1) month = 4 weeks


Program Includes:
(4) 90 min. calls per month = 1 call per week
(1) Exam
(1) Post Exam Call

Dates:  Starting January 2020


Total Investment: $1,800*
*includes exam and all training materials


Learning Outcomes:

  • Understanding of the 5 Core dimensions of the EQ model and confidence in applying it to your business
  • How to interpret and apply the Emotional Quotient results
  • Application of emotional enablers and disablers
  • Using your EQ report to enhance communication and understanding of individuals & teams
  • The history ‐ how EQ came to be
  • EQ in a work context, but easily applied to your personal life
  • Interpreting your graph and the graphs of others
  • Activities tailored to help develop and grow the five key capabilities –Self-Awareness, Self-Regulation, Motivation, Social Awareness & Social Regulation


What you get:

  • The EQ Debrief Guide
  • Personalized EQ Profile
  • Access to the Online learning library of video’s for both pre-exam study & post-exam training
  • Certified Emotional Quotient Facilitator (CEQF) designation
  • Certification also requires the successful completion of an online, open-book exam taken at your
    convenience. The exam will test your knowledge of the EQ theory and the application of your knowledge based on EQ assessment.
  • Ongoing advice and support through our Coach the Coach programs – membership is required
  • Resources including books & articles
  • Recordings of all sessions



Emotional Intelligence Certification Training