by Bill J. Bonnstetter, Ronald Bonnstetter Eduard Spranger

This re-release of Types of Men (1928) by German philosopher and psychologist Eduard Spranger details the science behind the value and attitudes portions of personality theory, which serves as the basis of Target Training International, Ltd.’s motivators assessment. (It’s important to note the term “men” was considered universally encompassing of men and women when the theory was developed and published in the 1920s.) Spranger’s work lays the foundation for today’s commonly used values/motivators of theoretical, aesthetic, individualistic, social, utilitarian and traditional. An introduction by Bill J. Bonnstetter explains how he put Types of Men’s pioneering psychology theories to work in the world’s corporations. An epilogue by Dr. Ron J. Bonnstetter updates the text and shows how recent brain research further validates Spranger’s early theories.

Types of Men