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Well-Run Concepts 3-in-1

Training & Certification

Special Offer

Take advantage of this limited time opportunity to revolutionize the way you hire and understand your most essential assets, your workforce. Learn from one of the top Organizational Development companies today. Our program is delivered by Jennifer Zamecki, an Accredited Certified Professional Coach who has a wealth of knowledge and 25+ years of experience using these tools in both large global organizations & small companies.


In 3 months you will be EQ, Workplace Motivators & DISC certified. It is a certification class delivered on-line in small groups. The programs include a library of video’s to be used as pre-exam study guides & after certification training tools.


The people who benefit most frequently, work within organizations to recruit, select, develop and manage the performance of great people. That being said, these clients apply the assessment tools and their certification knowledge to division heads, frontline managers, middle managers, and senior leaders to name just a few – all of whom benefit.

This frequently includes: 

Human Resources
Organizational Development
Learning and Development

Coaches & Consultants

Learning Outcomes?

3 certifications that demonstrate your understanding, knowledge & application in each of the 3 sciences


What you get:

Includes all study materials & books

Includes a library of self-paced short video’s

3 exams

Expert coaching in each of the 3 sciences


Duration: (3) months
(1)  certification each month in DISC, Motivators, EQ
(4) 90 min. calls per month = 1 call per week

Exam each month

Post exam call 


Coming Soon!

Special Offer Pricing

For a limited time only, receive all 3 certifications for a reduced package price!

Total Investment (all materials & exam(s) are included): $4500.

For 3 separate certifications in DISC, Motivators, EQ .

(Normal pricing, $5,400)

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