Team Wheel Coaching

Why would I need a Team Wheel?

  • To cut down on turnover

  • To resolve conflicts among team members

  • To create synergy within your organization

  • To open the door to enhanced and stream line communication

  • To maximize effectiveness from the top down

  • To help direct reports understand you and for you to understand them


“People first, strategy & everything else second.”  – Jack Welsh


Executive Triads and Personalized Coaching

A one-on-one over the phone debriefing with each member of the triad is scheduled first. The debriefing consists of understanding each participant’s own general characteristics, value to the organization, and the communication styles. Then the Triad (between the two participants and the facilitator) will take place to understand in detail the other person’s style. The facilitator will then determine areas of improvement for each participant, as well as a customized action plan for each. Follow up sessions will be scheduled as well, to keep the participants on track and focused.

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