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Well-Run Concepts Inc. has been providing organizations with strategies for improving communication within organizations since 1997. Having managers and employees who are satisfied and motivated, but more importantly, qualified for the position is an invaluable asset to any company.

Well-Run Concepts is built on the principles of human performance improvement. All coaching, consulting and training are results oriented, measurable and guaranteed to increase your bottom line through loyal and productive Top Performers.

Improving Organizations

Organizational improvements start at the individual level. For over 25 years, Well-Run Concepts has helped organizations and teams thrive through the art and science of job matching and people development. Well-Run Concepts uses a blend of DISC, Emotional Intelligence and Motivational analysis to decode and define the DNA of an organizations 'best fit'.  Learn how to make the right hire, every time.

Strengthening Teams

Thriving and copacetic teams are often the core of organizations productivity and profitability. And at the core of a well-functioning team is skillful and meaningful communication.

Well-Run Concepts Assessment Tools help leaders and team members better understand the dynamics of individual employees. Our Corporate Coaching help translate these findings into major organizational improvements and work groups.

Empowering Individuals

One of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves is the gift of self awareness.

Understanding our communication style, emotional intelligence, and underlying motivation can empower us to thrive through more skillful communication and action. Personalized coaching from Well-Run Concepts can help you tap into your own unique make up to flourish both personally and professionally.

Uncover the secrets of human behavior, motivation, and success.

Well-Run Concepts DISC, EQ, and Motivation certification training equips individuals with the skills to identify and define the unique characteristics that make up an individual.

This critical skillset is an indispensable tool for defining and modifying success strategies within organizations or groups.

Explore our 4 Certification training opportunities.

Well-Run Concept Certification Training





Client Testimonials

Jennifer is a dedicated professional, consultant and strategist. I have worked with her on several occasions and have known her for many years. Trust her to give you the best advice.

Greg P. Smith

Well Run Concepts changed my perspective, my plan and my future. Jennifer Zamecki became a larger part of my personal transformation than I had ever expected her to.I owe much of my happiness to Well Run Concepts. 

Kip Williams

Jennifer is knowledgeable, creative and has a true talent for matching needs with unique creative solutions.

I recommend Jennifer to anyone looking for insightful support, collaboration and advice.

Claudia St. John

Jennifer is a professional of the highest caliber who is committed to delivering the best service possible to her clients. In addition, she is  always willing to share best practices and ideas with those of us in her professional network.

Tricia Neves

Explore Our Products

Well-Run Concepts has an array of offerings to facilitate growth both personally and professionally. Explore our Coaching, Certification, and Assessment Tools, all crafted to maximize growth and hone in on personal skill development.

Contact Jennifer

Well-Run Concepts Inc. 3035 SE Maricamp Rd Street
Suite 104-216
Ocala Fl, 34471


Phone: 877-566-2900

Local: 352-624-2684

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