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Sports Assessments

The Well-Run Concept Sport assessments measures the full spectrum of a specific athlete, including: swimmer, football player, baseball player, coach, etc.

These assessments measure factors specifically related to success in their individual fields, including:
Factors that demonstrate how an athlete behaves and communicate verbally and nonverbally
Cognitive Dimensions
12 emotional intelligence factors
Decision-making Ability

Soft Skills

And More...

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Sports Assessments

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Taisia Grissom

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I decided to invest in a "success coach" for my teen because I didn't understand why sometimes he was a top performer, and sometimes he was not. The ability was there; it just wasn't consistent. I needed help understanding his drivers and motivators, so as parents, I could help coach him to be a consistent performer socially and academically. Jennifer's Success Coaching for Teens program has helped my son better understand himself, and it’s helped me, as a parent, better understand him. This clarity has changed the way I communicate with him, and it's changed the way he thinks about his talents and gifts. He is well on his way to being a consistent top performer.

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