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Leadership Coaching with Jennifer Zamecki

Well-Run's Leadership Group Coaching features online, interactive sessions focused on closing the gap between your potential and your actual results. This program will help you create momentum in your career, build skills and success towards your goals! Various assessment tools are used based on specific group focus, goals, desired results, and scope of coaching.

Topics in Coaching for Leadership include:

  • Developing Effective Leadership Through Emotional Intelligence

  • The Power of Your Motivators

  • The Unique Style of You (DISC)

  • Leadership Skills You Need TODAY for Success

  • Adaptability, Resilience, Grit, Mindset

Core value of Leadership Group Coaching is:

  • Understanding yourself at a much deeper level through highly validated & accurate use of assessment tools. Illuminate your blind spots & leadership derailers.

  • Setting & focusing on your goals & close the gap between where you are & where you want to be in your career & life!

  • Creating & implementing a variety of action plans & establishing follow up programs. Homework & accountability is to be expected.

“The best result of the process was gaining a better understanding of my personality traits and motivators, using easy-to-understand objective criteria developed by years of research.”

                                                                                                                              ~ Richard, Senior Program Manager

“The best part of the training is your self-awareness. I’ve been sick for 20 years and never knew why I was reacting or lashing out in a certain manner; of course, it was due to illness triggers, but it was also due to my own EQI. I wish I had known these strategies or tools earlier.


I now have a complete understanding of my strengths and weaknesses and the knowledge for improvement. 


Not only will you benefit personally, but you will benefit professionally. Your co-worker will thank you for your new found EQI skills as well.”

                                                     ~ Erica Dobson, Training Coordinator





  • 7 hours training in Emotional Intelligence

  • Personal Profile

  • Workbook

  • 1 hour 1-on-1 Debrief



Business Meeting

“Jennifer struck a good balance of taking time when needed and keeping to the schedule.


The best outcome of the coaching process was Having a moderated/guided discussion about my current work situation and how it's affecting me and arriving at a common understanding with Cem that my work situation needs to change.” 

                                                                          ~ Director of Engineering Global Medical Device Co.


“The coaching exceeded goals and expectations.  I gained insights that I never expected.  Very valuable."                                                                               

                                                                                                       ~ Sr. VP Global Medical Device Co.

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