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Job Matching: Assessments

In today's highly competitive market- hiring, developing, and training top talent is crucial to success. Industry leaders go beyond the resume, interview and annual review process to use accurate, bias free assessments to examine individual performance.


Why? This patented job benchmarking process is unique and effective because the stakeholders of the position define what an optimum performer looks like in the job. It benchmarks what you need in a specific job, not the people doing the job.

When? Once the benchmark is complete, you can compare candidates for the position against the benchmark through a Gap Report to make the right hire the first time. The Gap Report is then used to create an individual development plan for your new hire to reduce their ramp up time and increase your return on investment.


  • Job Benchmarking

  • Talent Selection

  • Employee Coaching

  • Employee Development

  • Performance Appraisals

  • Succession Planning

  • Organizational Development

C&D llp

Long Time Well-Run Client >

C&D-Partners 2 -(15of20)-USE.jpg

“Jennifer has been instrumental in working with
us on both recruiting new staff and the retention
of existing staff. The tools and processes
Jennifer uses have helped us understand the
right people for the job allowing us to make better
hiring decisions and reduce turnover. It has also
allowed us to improve internal communication
and teamwork.”

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Job Matching Assessments

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