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Hire Like a Boss

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

With the end of the fiscal year close at hand, it is time to start planning for what will create optimal growth for your company in the new year. Now is the time to evaluate what has led to success (or failure) for your company this past year. For almost any organization, there is a leading factor that will have a dramatic impact on your bottom line, no matter what your industry or product: your people. Have your employees had a positive impact on your company or organization in the new year. Do you have positive customer service feedback from your clientele, or have you had an increase in turnover this year? No matter what you have experienced as a business or organization this year (good or bad), it is most likely a reflection of your current workforce.

Many organizations believe that the way to mitigate future employment issues is to increase training, hire more 'experienced' or 'skilled' employees, or stack further responsibilities on already competent team members. But in fact, the most effective and systematic way to ensure future employee success is Job Matching.

Well-Run’s Job Matching program has helped companies and organizations for over 25 years make strategic and successful hiring decisions. Our proven process is based on standardized methods that ensure that you hire the most competent employee the first time around, cutting down on employee turnover, downtime, and training costs.

Well-Run’s Job Matching process is based on years of proven research and successful placements, and can help alleviate future employment issues. We work with our clients to create a ‘benchmark’ of their needed employees, based on their personalized and specific requirements. By working with experienced individuals and management that best know the role, we are able to come up with a template that matches your perfect candidate. From there, we guide you through the hiring process by testing your top applicants for their DISC, Motivator, and Personal Skill profiles. This process eliminates the subjective part of the hiring process, by matching your candidates to your customized benchmark.

Do you want to learn more about how Well-Run can help change your hiring process for the better? Help set your organization up for success in the new year, and contact us about our end of the year special offer! Learn more today!

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